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Welcome to our first offering of actions for 2001!  Sorry about getting these posted a bit late but, it has been a rough holiday season.  I am just starting to recover from being beaten, robbed and left for dead in a shopping mall bathroom while Christmas shopping by a band of hoodlums known as, "My Wife and Two Teenage Daughters!"  Somebody dial 911!  Next year I'll just hand over my wallet and beg them to let me stay home.  Anyway, I hope everyone had a great holiday.  And even if it is the year 2001, and we still don't have flying cars, or meals in the shape of a pill and we're not all walking around in matching silver jump suits flying to our jobs on Mars in big shinny rocket ships, we do have Photoshop Actions, and that aint too bad!  Happy New Year!

For each action there is a thumbnail of the 'Before' and 'After' image.  Clicking on either will bring up the full size version.  Grab a copy of the full size version of the 'Before Image' and use it to test the action.  Your image should look just like the 'After' version when complete.  If all goes well, you can than experiment on your own.  To download the action files, click on the action title or icon for each action.

Be sure and check out our new 'Hey, Your Actions Actually Work' section with images that people have sent in that were created in whole or in part by one of our actions.  If you have cool images that you have created with our actions, send them in.  We would love to post them.  Email us for information on how to submit your stuff!!

Simply Sapphire
Description: A nice blue glass on a black background that works great on text and also makes some pretty cool buttons.  Add a few glows and glares to enhance the effect.
Photoshop Version: 5.5  Font Used:
Goudy Heavy Face and ITC Anna (Button Text)
Liquid Bubble Gum
Description: Hey, it was better than calling it Pink Drippy Crap!  No, I don't know what you'll use it for either.  On the other hand, I think PinkDrippyCrap.com is still available and if you need a logo...
(This one gets flattened to the background.  Go back in the history a few steps to view it on separate layers.)
Photoshop Version: 5.5 - 6  Font Used: Bell Bottom (Text Warped and Liquified in PS6)
Description: Acrylic paint squirted right from the tubes.  You remember this stuff don't you?  It's what we all used to paint with before we got computers.  Or, if your like me, it's what you ate in kindergarten class when you ran out of paste.  Lets you pick your paint color using the Hue Slider.
Photoshop Version: 5.5 - 6  Font Used: Chiller
Description: The inspiration for this one came from having two daughters that come home from shopping at those little boutiques at the mall with a whole bag full of bracelets with glitter, hair clips with glitter, necklaces with glitter, body glitter, lip gloss with glitter, glitter with glitter..... Amazing, since they went to the mall with only $10 and still had enough left over to eat lunch in the food court! "Hey Dad look, I got 50 bracelets for a quarter!" - Prompts you for your glitter and frame color.  Keep your letters 6 to 8 pixels apart if you want them soldered together.
Photoshop Version: 5.5 - 6  Font Used: Mister Earl
Open All Night!
Description: I have had several emails asking me how to change the color in the Electric Light Action.  To tell you the truth, I have no freaking idea!  I looked at that thing the other day and I don't know what I was thinking!  Anyway, here is a simple neon effect that will prompt you for your color using the Hue Slider.  For yellows and green, you will have to take the saturation down a bit.
Photoshop Version: 5.5  Font Used: Mister Earl

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Be sure to experiment with different words, different sizes, different shapes and see how it works.  We hope you enjoy these actions.  Email Us or sign our Guest Book and let us know what you think.  Send us some of your final images and we will post them on our site.  'Till next month, Have Fun!!

Having Problems?
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The Usual Disclaimer
These actions are created for 72dpi images only and are only guaranteed to work in Photoshop 5.5 and 6 where noted.  If you wish to create these effects for a higher resolution, you will need to tear the action apart and redo the steps.

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